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Help with TIF / TIFF's

You must have a TIFF viewer installed to view a TIFF file
Viewing the images:

You must have an application that will display tiff images for this to work.

Windows Users: You should already have this software installed in Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP. Please click on Start, Programs, Accessories. Check to see if you have Imaging on the list. If so the viewer is already installed.

Once you have a TIFF viewer, you can set your browser to automatically launch your application by setting up a helper application in your browser. Or the images will have to be downloaded to your machine and double-clicked from Windows Explorer to display.

If you have Quicktime installed, you will have to disable or uninstall the Quicktime plugin for TIFF's. QuickTime does indeed support the TIFF file format. However QuickTime does not support compression formats used in TIFFs. Look at the QuickTime troubleshooting pages on Apple's web site. Note that this issue may be resolved with an upgrade to your QuickTime software if you are using an older version. Again, please consult the Apple web site for assistance.




Printing or Viewing a TIFF picture with Quicktime installed.

QuickTime File Type Settings
First you must disable QuickTime from viewing the Tiff files.
• Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
• QuickTime
You should have the QuickTime Settings window up.
• Pick the File Type Associations in the drop down list
• Uncheck the boxes for Windows file type and Internet file type
• Close this windows and restart your browser
• If you use IE you may have to do the following instructions.
  QuickTime MIME Settings
• Now pick the Browser Plug-in in the drop down list
• Click the "MIME Settings" button.
• Double-click the "Images ..." item to expand it.
• If the "TIFF ..." or "image/tiff" item is checked, uncheck it.
• Press the "OK" button, and close the "QuickTime Settings" window by clicking the X in the upper-right corner.

If this still does not work, try the first Microsoft Knowledge Base link below.

Viewing a TIFF picture in IE

Cannot Open a Tagged Information File Format (TIFF) File in Internet Explorer;EN-US;Q319829
Another article related to TIF problems:
"Always Ask Before Opening This Type of File" Setting Is Lost for .tif Files (Q320289);en-us;Q320289

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