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Executive Order
EO No. 049723

WHEREAS, the City of Lincoln, Nebraska has acquired, coordinated and prepared the computer and telecommunications hardware, software, information services, applications and resources to establish its own presence on the computer based network commonly known as the Internet and the World Wide Web; and

WHEREAS, the City entered into the InterLinc partnership with Lincoln Telephone Co. (NAVIX sm), Nebraska Educational Telecommunication (NebraskaNet sm), KFOR/ KFRX Radio, (LincNet sm), and Information Analytics Inc. (Avant Garde),with the assistance of federal grant sponsorship, to help establish services on the Internet and the user-friendly World Wide Web and make those and other Internet services widely available throughout the City; and

WHEREAS, InterLinc TM provides local access to a dynamic collection of diverse and previously decentralized information related to the City of Lincoln; and

WHEREAS, InterLinc is offered to the public and is represented and authenticated by the attached logos, graphical elements and designs; and

WHEREAS, the City offers InterLinc in its official capacity as an official service of a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.

NOW THEREFORE, AND BY VIRTUE OF THE AUTHORITY VESTED IN ME by the Charter of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska:

I hereby accept and approve InterLinc TM, as authenticated by the attached logos, graphical elements and designs as an officially authorized on-line computer network service and Internet and World Wide Web presence for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dated this 6 day of December, 1995.

Mike Johanns, Mayor

Approved as to Form & Legality:
Joel D Pedersen, Assistant City Attorney

Douglas W Thomas, Information Services Manager

Staff Review Completed:
Lori McClurg, Administrative Assistant

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