Real Estate & ROW

photo of flagged survey stake Property being acquired for Right of Way is surveyed as part of the acquisition process

When you consider all of the public right of way (ROW) needed for streets & alleys, the City owns a lot of property! All City property acquisition, for use by any City Department, is coordinated by Real Estate staff. Their biggest job is acquisition of ROW and easements for public infrastructure projects such as streets and sewers.

In addition, Real Estate staff purchase property for City redevelopment projects upon approval by City Council. Currently, all purchases for redevelopment purposes must be from willing sellers -- no eminent domain procedures will be undertaken.

Whatever the purpose of an acquisition, the City follows a Land Acquisition Policy and provides relocation assistance to any residents or businesses displaced as a result of the purchase.

The Real Estate staff also oversees sales of surplus City property. Only property that has been declared surplus or vacated public right-of-way (ROW) may be sold. Both declaring a property to be surplus and vacating public ROW involve complex processes, but staff can be a resource.