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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is UDD within the County-City Building?
We are located in the northwest corner of the 2nd floor. Here's a map of the 2nd floor offices.
In the Emergency Repair program, what is an emergency?
It's an emergency when a homeowner isn't safe in their home because something isn't working - a roof, a furnace or hot water heater, or electrical panel, for example. More...
Is my house/property within the City Limits?
Use this interactive mapping tool which includes City limits, Low- to Moderate-Income areas and US Census tracts. Use the map tools to zoom in as needed.
What is TIF?
TIF is an abbreviation for Tax Increment Financing, a tool used by the City to encourage redevelopment. More...
Why isn't my neighborhood included in your list of neighborhoods?
There are three possibilities -- your organization may be a homeowners association, inactive, or new. More...