Primary police services in Lincoln are delivered by over 200 officers assigned to five geographical teams. These teams are commanded by a police captain, and staffed by a group of officers, sergeants, and civilian public service officers. Three of the five teams operate out of full-service team stations. The Southeast Team Station is situated near S. 70th & Pine Lake Roads, the Center Team Station can be found on the corner of N. 27th & Holdrege and the Northeast Team Station is located just east of N. 48th & Huntington Avenue. The Northwest and Southwest Teams operate out of the police headquarters with smaller substations outfitted within their team areas to increase productivity and response times. In addition, each team captain has a citizen advisory council to facilitate communication between the team members and the community, and to assist the team in its decision-making, such as establishing priorities and devising strategies.


575 S. 10th Street


Center Team Station, 1501 N. 27th Street


Northeast Team Station, 4843 Huntington Avenue


Southeast Team Station, 6601 Pine Lake Road
Union College, 3800 S. 48th Street


14th & Adams, 3220 N. 14th Street
Highlands, 5435 NW 1st Street
Schoo Middle School, 700 Penrose Drive


F Street Community Center, 1225 F Street
Bess Dodson Walt Library, 6701 S. 14th Street
Bryan West Campus, 300 S. 16th Street