Captain Morrow

Captain Michon Morrow

575 S. 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 441-7754

Southwest Team

The Southwest Team is a rapidly growing, active and vital part of the city. The boundaries of our team begin at South 27th Street on the east border. The north boundary runs along G Street and Capital Parkway. The always expanding city limits are the boundaries on the west and south side of the team.

The diverse nature of our team area allows our officers the opportunity to work with a cross section of the community that includes many cultures and nationalities from around the world. The types of calls for service generated by having Bryan Medical Center - West Campus on the team area has given our officers insight and empathy to the individuals and their families who are affected by mental health issues.

The 40 full time employees who work for the Southwest Team continue to work hard within the team on projects such as participation in a Citizen Advisory Panel, the pairing of officers with elementary schools and several Problem Oriented Policing Projects to impact area problems.

The members of the team are committed to working hand in hand with residents on issues and
concerns of the area in which they live.

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