Captain Butler

Captain Anthony Butler

575 S. 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 441-6555

Northwest Team

January 7, 1999 saw a revision in the structure of the Lincoln Police Department. The number of community based police teams was expanded to five with the addition of the Northwest Team. The restructuring and addition has been consistent with the police departments goal to better serve the community. The Northwest Team has attempted to better reach the citizens within the team by having two substations accessible to residents. A neighborhood substation is located at the Highlands Fire Station and the Carol Yoakum Family Resource Center has donated space that serves as an important link to the community.

The 36 full time employees who work for the Northwest Team continue to work hard within the team on projects such as participation in a Citizen Advisory Panel, the pairing of officers with elementary schools and several Problem Oriented Policing Projects to impact area problems. The members of the team are committed to working hand in hand with residents on issues and concerns of the team area in which they live.

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