Accident Reports

View or print completed accident reports

Incident Reports

View completed incident reports

Other Reports

Public records available through our Records Unit

Filing an Incident Report Online

Online reporting for loss, theft or damage under $1,500

Anonymous Sex Assault Reporting

Reporting a sexual assault online

Filing a Commendation or Complaint

Information and brochures for filing a commendation or complaint

Criminal Histories

Online Request | Complete & Mail Request

Driver's License Status

Check driver's license status to determine whether it is valid, suspended or revoked

Driver's License Reinstatement

Steps to take and who to contact for driver's license reinstatement

Request to Hire Uniformed Employee

Guidelines for hiring an off-duty employee

Resources for Background Checks

Free and inexpensive resources publicly available

Arrest Warrants

Outstanding warrants issued in Lincoln and Lancaster County

Stolen Items

Items reported to the Lincoln Police Department as stolen, not yet recovered

Video Surveillance Evidence Form

Form completed by businesses providing video surveillance evidence

Bike Registration

Registering your bicycle online

Gun Information

Links to additional information on local gun laws

Eviction Process

Civil procedures for legal evictions

Hobbyist Permit

Permit application for vehicles being restored or repaired

Collector/Salvage Permit

Frequently asked questions about the salvage ordinance

No-Pawn/No-Scrap List

For pawn/scrap dealers only