Employees of the Lincoln Police Department are afforded opportunities to expand their position and participate in special assignments. The department seeks to extend these opportunities to employees for personal and professional growth through education, training, and experience. Some of the teams, such as the Canine Unit and School Resource Officers, are full-time, regular shift assignments. While others, such as SWAT and Crime Scene Technicians, are only activated as needs arise.

Canine Unit

Currently, LPD has five canine teams with a police service dog and a handler. The officers and their canines work, train, and live together. They perform the same duties as street officers, but quickly respond to scenes requiring tracking and/or narcotics detection.


The Special Weapons and Tactics Team responds to high-risk situations requiring specialized tactics and coordination. The purpose of the team is to accomplish its objectives with minimal risk to officers and citizens.

School Resource Officers

Each of the six high schools in the Lincoln Public Schools system is provided police services by a School Resource Officer (SRO). One officer is assigned to each school as his or her beat area. Six additional officers split their time among the twelve LPS middle schools. This specialized assignment allows the SRO an opportunity to develop relationships with students and staff, and provides time for the SRO to focus on individual school needs.

Traffic Unit

The priority of the Traffic Unit is to encourage traffic safety through enforcement of Lincoln's traffic ordinances. These officers can be seen on motorcycles or in marked cruisers, contacting drivers of motor vehicles who violate traffic laws. They pay special attention to school zones, construction zones, arterial roadways and high accident locations.

Gang Unit

The Gang Unit works to proactively identify gang involvement and develop intelligence related to criminal activity. They assist with major criminal investigations and coordinate the dissemination of gang information.

Crime Scene Technicians

Crime scene technicians have developed specific expertise in order to process major crime scenes. In today's world of technology, forensic evidence is becoming more and more important to processing crime scenes. In order to maintain proficiency, the unit trains, at a minimum, nine times a year.

Field Force

The Lincoln Police Department maintains a Field Force to provide an organized response to actual or potential disturbances caused by large groups of disorderly persons which cannot be safely resolved by standard response techniques.

Honor Guard

The Lincoln Police Department recognizes the need to maintain an Honor Guard consisting of Lincoln Police Department commissioned officers to participate in ceremonial events enhancing the image of the Department or to honor/memorialize a distinguished person or group.

Chaplaincy Corps

The Chaplaincy Corps consists of volunteers who serve as a resource to the community when requested by an officer or a citizen in time of personal or family crisis. They also provide guidance, counseling, and comfort to the police and fire personnel.

Lincoln Metro Clan Lab Team

This team, consisting of members of LPD, Nebraska State Patrol and Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, assures an organized and well-planned response to the dismantling and collection of evidence at suspected methamphetamine clandestine laboratory operations.

Marksmanship/Pistol Team

The Marksmanship Team was established to increase officer awareness of good marksmanship and provide an incentive for officers to attain their maximum potential with side arms. The team travels to compete against other law enforcement agencies across the country.