Home Inventory Tips and Products Lists

Officers respond to calls from citizens where homes, vehicles, and businesses are entered and items are stolen. In many cases, the victims do not have accurate descriptions of the items that were taken; therefore, they are unable to provide officers with serial numbers to aid in the return of those possessions. In an effort to better serve the citizens of Lincoln, we are asking for your help in documenting your belongings. If you take a moment to use the downloadable form included on this page, you may make it possible for us to return your property to you when it is located, and hold those who took your belongings responsible.

Print Home Inventory

A few tips to help you with properly documenting your belongings

  • Take photographs and video of your belongings.
  • Document all electronics, other valuables, and firearms.
  • Photograph all jewelry.
  • Document your belongings as soon as you bring them home so you do not forget.
  • Accurately copy the name, model number, serial number and give a short description of the item. Example:
  • Sony model number ABC123, serial number 1234ABCD, 32 inch flat screen LCD TV,
    Remington model 870 Wing master 12 gauge pump action shotgun with wood fore grip and stock serial number 123ABC

  • Include a date of purchase and an approximate value for the item you are documenting.
  • Print the inventory lists on bright colored paper so you can locate them easily.
  • Store the inventory, video, and photos, separately from your valuables. Give a copies to trusted family members or friends who can be contacted quickly if your list is damaged or stolen.

When you provide a serial number for valuables, we enter that serial number into our records system as a stolen item. Firearms and belongings over $500.00 in value are also entered into a national computer system.

Once entered into these databases, if a stolen item is located by law enforcement, he or she is automatically notified the item needs to be held and any possible suspect needs to be questioned further. Without a serial number, it is diffucult for us to identify your Sony flat screen TV from numerous others recovered.

Working as a TEAM we can make things more difficult for those who choose not to follow the rules that we abide by every day.