Quality Assurance

To serve and support the public safety communications needs of our customers in the most efficient and responsive manner possible.

photo of EMD program cards EMD program ProQA card set

In support of the vision, we have maintained a Quality Assurance (QA) program to assist in providing our trained dispatchers with supportive tools to meet this goal. The Lincoln Emergency Communications Center utilizes the Priority Dispatch System’s Emergency Medical Dispatch Program (EMD) in handling request for emergency medical assistance.

The EMD program consists of either a set of protocol cards or a computer program called ProQA that directs the dispatcher to ask the caller a series of questions based on the nature of the medical emergency. The card set is used as a backup method to the computer program.

The EMD program enables the dispatcher to determine the most appropriate medical response priority. It also provides written Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival instructions to give to callers when appropriate and possible. Included in this process is a Quality Assurance program. All certified EMD dispatchers receive ongoing feedback on their performance based on guidelines established by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch and Emergency Medical Services Oversight Authority (EMSOA). The purpose of Quality Assurance is to provide a non-punitive means of assisting staff in maintaining a high level of performance.