Incident Dispatch Team

IDT Badge

The Lincoln Emergency Communications Center Incident Dispatch Team (IDT), now in its sixth year of operation, continues to grow and evolve. The IDT provides unified command communications and support during major events by integrating into the existing command post and operating under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) fulfilling a vital role.

photo of IDT training Incident Dispatch Team training

Operating under a Homeland Security grant, Lincoln completed the development of a state TERT team in 2009. The Nebraska Telecommunicator Emergency Response Team (NE-TERT) is comprised of 24 dispatchers from across the state. TERT is a national initiative created to provide personnel to support Communications Centers either in-state or out of state during times of disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, where employees are overwhelmed, affected by personal loss or both.

photo of IDT training Kevin, an Incident Dispatch Team Member, giving a presentation to high-schoolers.

The Lincoln IDT/TERT members are now fully deployable to respond and assist other Communications Centers during a natural or manmade disaster under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). At this time, there are 37 states in some phase of developing TERT teams in their own states. Currently, nine teams, including Nebraska are considered fully deployable under EMAC. Sharon Codr and Megan Ellis serve as the NE-TERT State Coordinators. Incident dispatching provides new avenues for career development while enhancing the dispatcher's role within the public safety system.