Public Education

The Lincoln Emergency Communication Center/911 continues its tradition of community involvement by providing presentations to schools and community groups, as well as scheduling tours of the 911 Center upon request. Groups are given information about how to use the 911 system and what to expect when calling 911 or the non-emergency police number (402-441-6000).

photo of child learning how to dial 911 911 Phone Simulator

We use a variety of resources for our presentations and can tailor one to fit your group's needs. For kindergarten through second grade, we use a short animated video emphasizing how and when to use 911. This video features a character named Sally Cellphone and was created by the Commission on State Emergency Communications in Texas. PowerPoint presentations have been developed for older children through adults. Also, we can bring our 911 Simulator. By using the simulator's phone, a person participates in a question and answer dialogue with a realistic emergency operator. A three digit display shows the numbers dialed and two speakers allow others to hear the phone conversation. This process takes about a minute per person. The 911 Simulator provides a wonderful opportunity for people to make a "practice" 911 call. Please see our Events page as the 911 Simulator may be at an event you plan to attend!

If you would like to schedule a presentation or tour, please contact Brandi Villamonte at Lincoln 911 Public Education or call the non-emergency number 402-441-6000.