For many years canines have proven to be a valuable resource to the Lincoln Police Department. The Canine Unit was formed in the early 1960's and now consists of five canine officers and their partners. Lincoln's canines perform a variety of duties including suspect tracks, building searches, drug detection and open-area searches.

The officers and their canines work, train, and live together which allows for a special bond that is formed between the officer and the canine. This is a tremendous asset when working the streets. Click on the pictures below for more information on the individual handlers and their canines.

Drew Arnold & Beersie Josh Fullerton & Diesel Samuel Housh & Eros
Officer Drew Arnold
and Beersie
Officer Josh Fullerton
and Diesel
Officer Sam Housh
and Eros

Chris Howard & Yuri Matt Pulec & Mikey
Officer Chris Howard
and Yuri
Officer Matt Pulec
and Mikey