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Planning Application Tracking System (PATS)

Search Tips

If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, please contact the Planning Department at 402-441-7491 or via email at

Search by Application Number

An application number consists of 3 basic parts. The first part is a 2-4 letter prefix that distinguishes the type of application (see chart below). The next 2 digits signify the year the application was submitted. The final 3 digits are a sequential identifier.

For example, SP07125 would be the 125th Special Permit applied for in the year 2007.

Prefix Application Type
AA Administrative Amendment
AN Annexation
ASP Administrative Special Permit
CZ Change of Zone or Amendment to Change of Zone
CASP County Administrative Special Permit
CPC Comprehensive Plan Conformance
FPPL Final Plat
MISC Miscellaneous
PP Preliminary Plat
PESP Pre-Existing Special Permit or Amendement to Pre-Existing Special Permit
PEUP Pre-Existing Use Permit or Amendement to Pre-Existing Use Permit
SAV Street and Alley Vacation
SNC Street Name Change
SP Special Permit or Amendment to Special Permit
TX Text Amendment
UP Use Permit or Amendment to Use Permit
WVR Waiver
Search by Date Range

"Date range" indicates the date on which the application was formally submitted to the Planning Department. A list of applications applied within the specified date range will be returned.

You may further refine your search by Application Type and Sub-type, Status, or Planner by using the optional Additional Search Criteria.

Search by Meeting Date (Planning Commission, City Council or County Board)

Upcoming meeting dates on which applications are scheduled are listed. Please note this is not a formal agenda and the applications may be rescheduled without notice.

Search by Situs Address

Enter the street address of the application. In order for your search to be sucessful, you must select the street name prefix (N, S, or W), when applicable.

Search by Property Number (Parcel ID)

Enter the County Assessor's parcel id number (no dashes or spaces) for the location of the application.

Yellow Zoning Sign Map

Click on the application number for the associated yellow icon to retrieve additional information about the application.

Application Overview Map

Switch the "Current Action" from "Pan" to "Identify". Click on an area of the map to return a list of applications in that quarter section-township-range. The townships are marked on the map at the County extent. As you zoom in, using the slider bar on the left side of the screen, the section and quarter section lines will appear.

You may view detailed information about each application by clicking "View" on the appropriate row under the "View" heading in the result frame or you can further refine your search by clicking the Refine Search button.