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Parks and Recreation 10 Year Facilities Plan


Parks and Recreation Facilities Plan Available for Review

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board seeking public comments on November 14, 2019

The Parks and Recreation Department 2019 update of the 10-Year Facilities Plan is available for review and comment. The plan for repair and replacement of existing parks and recreation facilities and for development of new facilities. Hard copies of the plan are available at the Parks and Recreation Department Administration Office at 3131 O Street, Suite 300.

Download the 2019 10-Year Parks & Recreation Facilities Plan Draft

Download the 2019 10-Year Lincoln City Golf Facilities Plan Draft

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will be receiving comments from the public during their monthly meeting on Thursday, November 14 at 4 pm in the Parks and Recreation Department Administration Office at 3131 O Street, Suite 300. Written comments can also be submitted through Monday December 2nd by email to or in writing to Lincoln Parks and Recreation, 3131 O Street, Suite 300, Lincoln, NE 68510. The Board and Department staff will review comments provided by community residents and consider revisions to the plan prior to adoption of the plan during the monthly Board meeting on December 12.

The Parks and Recreation 10-Year Facilities plan is updated every two years prior to preparation of the City operating budget and capital improvement program. Information from the facilities plan is used in developing the Department’s funding request for capital improvements. The facilities plan is organized by quadrants of the city that correlate with the Department’s park maintenance districts. The plan encompasses all facilities managed by the Parks and Recreation Department including parks, trails, public trees, public gardens, pools, recreation centers, and golf courses. An emphasis of the plan is “taking care of what we have” identifying needed repair and replacement of current facilities to keep them open and available to the community. New neighborhood parks and trails in response to community growth to be funded through impact fees collected on construction of new homes are included in the facilities plan. New recreation opportunities are also identified within the facilities plan.

The updated facilities plan identifies the need for $34.6 million of repair and replacement projects over the ten year period, or about $3.46 million annually. Identified funding sources for repair and replacement projects includes the Parks and Recreation Department share of keno revenues, about $1.565 million annually, and proceeds of lease of communication towers in parks, about $275,000 annually. Keno revenue and communication tower lease proceeds total about $1.84 million annually. General Revenue tax funds typically make up a portion of the remaining funding gap. In recent years, $500,000 to $800,000 in tax funds have supported repair and replacement of existing facilities.

The updated facilities plan identifies acquisition and development of new neighborhood parks and extension of Lincoln’s trail system as the community grows. Development of one new neighborhood park is anticipated each year. On average, construction of about one-half mile of new trail is also anticipated each year. Neighborhood park and trail impact fees are collected on new homes when building permits are issued, and these fund are directed to acquisition and development of new neighborhood parks, and a to fund a portion of new trails. The updated facilities plan projects that an estimated $5.92 million is needed for development of new neighborhood parks and trails to keep pace with growth of the community. Over the past three years, impact fee revenues have averaged about $317,000 annually. Additional funding will be needed to assure that neighborhood park and trail development keeps pace with growth of the city.

New community recreation facilities including play courts, sports fields, and greenways are identified in the facilities plan to address changing recreation interests and community growth. The facilities plan identifies $48.3 million in projects including funding for development of a new downtown park identified as a catalyst project in the 2018 update of the Downtown Lincoln Master Plan and acquisition of land along the South Beltway for a greenway and trail corridor. This section of plan is aspirational and will require significant new funding to be identified, such as a quality of life bond issue.

Over the past two decades, the Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with the Lincoln Parks Foundation to raise funds for renovation of existing facilities such as the Sunken Gardens and Centennial, and for development of new park facilities including Union Plaza and Tower Square.

Six potential capital campaigns are identified in the facilities plan including:

  • Renovation of the Bicentennial Cascade Foundation and surrounding site
  • Replacement of the Air Park Recreation Center
  • Renovation of Irvingdale, Stransky and Rudge Parks
  • Renovation of Cooper Park
  • Development of the new downtown park at 7th and N Streets
  • Renovation of Wilderness Park trail facilities



10-Year Plan Project List

Updated Dec. 2017

Download the 2017 10-Year Plan

Lincoln Parks & Recreation - 10 Year Plan Project List (148KB PDF Download)

Lincoln City Golf - 10 Year Plan Project List (88KB PDF Download)

The Parks & Recreation 10-Year Facilities Plan is intended to provide guidance regarding investments in parks and recreation facilities over the next decade.

  • The plan includes the continuous need to repair and replace existing facilities and to make major renovations of aging infrastructure.
  • The plan includes the development of new facilities to serve the growing population and address evolving recreation and leisure interests.
  • The plan is organized by quadrants of the city. Projects of a general nature or that address the entire system are listed under "Administration."
  • Projects that may involve capital fundraising campaigns are also identified.
  • The 10-Year Facilities Plan guides the preparation of the Parks & Recreation Capital Improvement Program (CIP).
The initial version of the plan was developed in 2013 through a series of meetings of the Futures Committee of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.
  • Citizens provided direction regarding expectations of the condition of facilities through an on-line survey.
  • Approximately 800 citizens participated in the on-line survey and provided numerous comments and suggestions.
  • A public open house was conducted regarding the draft plan and about 45 citizens attended and offered comments/suggestions.
  • The plan was adopted by the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board December 14, 2017 and is reviewed/updated every two years.

Note: Potential improvements to city golf courses are not included as part of this draft plan because a separate study and public input process has taken place. View the Lincoln City Golf Program Sustainability Study here.

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