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2020 Media Releases

January 16, 2020
Media Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, City Communications, 402-441-7831
David Cary, Planning Director, 402-441-7491

Residents Invited to Share Their Vision for the Future

Major update of Comprehensive Plan underway

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird today encouraged the public to participate in a major update of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan. The Plan lays out a community vision and provides the City with a guide for the next 30 years in the areas of land use, economic development, housing, transportation, health, and sustainability. The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department works with the community to update the plan every 10 years.

The theme of the Comprehensive Plan is "Plan Forward," and the public initially has several ways to get involved in the process:

Population projections show that Lancaster County is expected to grow by 120,000 residents over the next 30 years, with 90 percent of that growth occurring in Lincoln.

"By the year 2050, we will likely have a more diverse community with new needs and expectations, new transportation options, and new housing solutions. We anticipate Lincoln will become an even smarter and more connected city. We also expect that our focus on resiliency and sustainability will continue to increase," said Mayor Gaylor Baird. "The Comprehensive Plan not only will look forward in time, but also forward in concept with new and innovative ideas that will guide the community to a thriving, resilient, innovative, and livable future."

Planning Director David Cary said input will be sought from diverse perspectives across Lincoln, including urban and rural residents, businesses, and non-profits as well as subject matter experts. "In order for the Plan to be successful, it must reflect the needs and desires of the community," Cary said.

The PLAN Forward Community Committee includes all nine members of the Lincoln-Lancaster Planning Commission and a wide variety of stakeholders. The process will include public events throughout 2020 and 2021. A final draft of the Plan is expected to go to the Planning Commission, Lancaster County Board and Lincoln City Council for approval in late 2021.

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