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August 9, 2017
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, City Communications, 402-441-7831

City's Cable Access Channels Now LNKTV

Citizen Information Center renamed as City Communications

The City's government and education access channels are being rebranded to better reflect the cable television options now available to Lincoln residents. 5 CITY-TV is now LNKTV City, 10 Health TV is now LNKTV Health, and Education Access is now LNKTV Education. The chart below shows where the three channels can be found on the three cable services.

Cable Access Channels ALLO CHARTER
LNKTV City 2 1300 1005
LNKTV Health 3 1301 1010
LNKTV Education 23 1303 1080

Customers needing assistance can contact their providers:

The Citizen Information Center (CIC), a division of the Mayor's Office, is also being renamed as City Communications. "The new name is a better description of our role - to ensure that local government clearly communicates with the public," said Diane Gonzolas, Communications Manager. "Providing accurate information through LNKTV, the City website, news releases and other communication tools is important, but it's not all we do. The City's ever-expanding social media presence allows City Communications to interact with the public on a daily basis."

The transition to the new names will take place during August. More information on the channels is available at (keyword: LNKTV). Live streaming of programs on LNKTV City and LNKTV Health is available at that website. Programming is also available at and

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