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August 3, 2017
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Mayor Appoints Coalition to Develop Transportation Strategy

Mayor Chris Beutler today said one of the keys to the City's continued success is building safe, accessible roads and a strong transportation network. He announced the appointment of a 25-member Citizens' Transportation Coalition to develop a recommendation on Lincoln's future transportation system and how it will be funded.

"My Administration has made streets a priority - we have increased our investment in streets by 58 percent since 2010," Beutler said. "We've worked with the State, Lancaster County and the RTSD (Railroad Transportation Safety District) to get the South Beltway project on track. But meeting the needs of a growing city with our limited resources remains a major challenge.

The Coalition includes members from the public and private sectors and six current elected officials - State Senators Adam Morfeld and Mike Hilgers, City Council members Cyndi Lamm and Carl Eskridge, County Commissioner Jennifer Brinkman and Mike DeKalb, Lower Platte South NRD Board. (The full list follows this release.) The Coalition co-chairs are Bob Caldwell, Vice President at NEBCO, Inc., and Miki Esposito, Director of the City Public Works and Utilities Department. Many Coalition members attended the kick off news conference today, which was followed by a bus tour focusing on Yankee Hill Road projects and the group's first meeting.

"We know from experience that we can accomplish big things in Lincoln by bringing all the parties to the table and developing a shared vision," Beutler said. "It's time to take that approach and apply it to our broader transportation strategy. The Long Range Transportation Plan has given us the map. Now, it's time to identify the priorities, process and path to reach our destination."

The Mayor said public participation is also essential to the process. All meetings of the Coalition are open to the public. The meeting schedule and additional information is available at The public can also visit that site to provide comments and ask questions about transportation issues. The Coalition is scheduled to present its recommendations to the Mayor in January 2018.


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