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July 7, 2017
For More Information Contact:
Steve Beal, Manager, Lincoln Animal Control, 402-441-7900
Chris Myers, Parks Operations Coordinator, 402-441-6051

Residents Urged to Report Coyote Sightings

Coyotes normally afraid of people

Lincoln area residents are being asked to report coyote sightings and aggressive behavior to Lincoln Animal Control at 402-441-7900. Coyote sightings in the Holmes Lake Park area have been reported to Animal Control, a division of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, and Lincoln Parks and Recreation. Animal Control will patrol the Holmes Lake area and investigate all calls regarding potential threats to public safety.

Steve Beal, Lincoln Animal Control Manager, said coyotes are normally afraid of people, but those found in and near urban areas may be more acclimated to people and not as fearful. The presence of a coyote does not automatically mean it is dangerous. Coyotes can sometimes be found in residential areas that border open spaces where coyotes hunt prey, and their presence indicates a nearby food source. Coyotes generally feed on rabbits, rodents, fruits and insects. Residents should not leave food in areas where coyotes can easily access it.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission advises those who are outdoors in the area to carry walking sticks. Those who encounter a coyote should not run from it, but back away slowly, and make loud noises.

To protect pets from potentially dangerous animals, the Game and Parks Commission recommends the following:

For more information about Animal Control, visit (keyword: animal) or contact Beal at 402-441-7900 or More information about Lincoln Parks and Recreation is available at More information on Game and Parks is available at

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