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July 12, 2016
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Final Java Meeting is Thursday

The final Joint Antelope Valley Authority (JAVA) meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, July 14 at the Jayne Snyder Trail Center, 21st and "P" streets. Action will be taken at the meeting to terminate JAVA now that the Antelope Valley Project has been completed.

JAVA was created in 2000 to coordinate efforts by the City of Lincoln, the Lower Platte South Natural Resource District (LPSNRD) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to accomplish three goals: flood control, traffic improvements and community revitalization. The partners announced the substantial completion of the project in September 2012. The project has earned several awards, including a 2012 "Crown Community" award from American City and County Magazine; the national Bentley Systems "Sustaining Our Environment" award in 2009; and American Council of Engineering Companies Merit Awards in 2008, 2011 and 2013.

Kris Humphrey with the City Public Works and Utilities Department said the open channel created by the project has successfully contained major flood events in the last several years, preventing costly damage to hundreds homes and businesses. The project removed about 50 acres from the floodplain and eliminated the need for flood insurance for area residents and businesses.

Traffic improvements include 12 new or replacement bridges, the elimination of railroad crossings, and 6.2 miles of new roadway. Redevelopment in the project area includes the Assurity headquarters, Turbine Flats, University housing, and private housing and parking garages. Redevelopment will continue with the Telegraph District and other projects. The Antelope Valley Project also created or improved recreational facilities, including Union Plaza, new trails, the Jayne Snyder Trail Center, Fleming Fields, Trago Park and Lewis Ballfields.

The Antelope Valley Project was completed under the projected budget of $246 million. This has allowed $28.6 million in funds to be invested in other projects, including $10 million for street rehabilitation and repair, $16.6 million in funding for the future South Beltway and $2 million for funding Green Light Lincoln initiatives.

More information is available at (keywords: JAVA and Antelope Valley).

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