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December 2, 2014
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Lincoln Wins Awards for Water and Wastewater Systems

Two divisions of the City Public Works and Utilities Department received top state awards in November:

In the Best Tasting Water competition, LWS competed with six other Nebraska utilities for appearance, taste, scent and aftertaste. LWS is now eligible to participate in the national competition. Lincoln finished third in the national contest in 2009. "We take great pride in our efforts to safely treat and deliver over 35 million gallons of fresh high-quality water to our residents and customers every day throughout the year," said Eric Lee, Assistant Superintendent of Water Production and Treatment at the LWS Ashland plant, where water from the City's Platte River wellfields is treated.

"Too many people get the impression that water is the same everywhere," said Mary Poe, chair of the AWWA contest committee. "But the flavor of your drinking water is affected by the minerals it encounters in the ground, along riverbanks and in aquifers, not to mention factors like how it's treated and stored before it makes its way to your tap." The Nebraska Section of the AWWA is a regional chapter of a national organization dedicated to promoting public health, safety and welfare through the improvement of the quality and quantity of water delivered to the public.

The Theresa Street and Northeast Wastewater Treatment Facilities were recognized for demonstrating outstanding performance in permit compliance, process control, maintenance management, innovative practices and efficient use of resources. Lincoln's facilities treat an average of 27 million gallons of wastewater each day. The treated effluent discharged into Salt Creek must meet stringent requirements established by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

More information is available at (keyword: water) and (keyword: wastewater).

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