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November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Message From Mayor Chris Beutler

There is so much to be thankful for in our City of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The beauty and abundance of our Nebraska home surrounds us with golden prairie, green parks and an endless sky. Our neighborhoods are safe, our economy is thriving, and Lincoln is nationally recognized as a top place to live and work. Our spirit of community cooperation and determination has never been higher.

Today, we are thankful for all that we are, and all that we have done together. It is truly remarkable to live in a community that offers such a richly diverse partnership of talents, cultures and ideas. Lincoln is blessed with people who hold both a high standard for excellence and a deep compassion to neighbors in need. These values unite us.

On Thanksgiving Day especially, let us take time to lift up in gratitude the people who enrich our lives. Those who protect and shelter: our police, fire and armed forces. Those who care and educate: our teachers, health and wellness workers, and human services. Those who labor and provide: our businesses, employees, builders and farmers. Those who strengthen and inspire: our artists, entrepreneurs and our faith community. Those who lead and volunteer and find other extraordinary ways to devote themselves to our city. For these and many more, we are thankful.

With all our success however, I can't help but feel that the best is yet to come. Across our city, there is a tremendous sense of energy and enthusiasm for the future of Lincoln. It is a blessing to be Mayor of such a unique and wonderful city. Perhaps then, we are most thankful for this boundless optimism and opportunity. Thankful to see that together we can do more, be more, give more and dream more. Thankful to know that our children are growing up in a city full of accomplishment, promise and potential. Thankful to live in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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