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October 10, 2014
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Trail Users Encouraged to Use New Flashing Beacons

MoPac Trail users are encouraged to activate the new flashing beacons at the 33rd Street crossing. The lights were installed as part of the recent improvements to N. 33rd Street, and are designed to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. After pushing a button to activate the LED lights, trail users should stand in a visible location near the crosswalk so motorists can see them and look left, then right, then left again. Motorists are required to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. The trail crossing also has the usual crosswalk markings and warning signs.

The flashing beacons use an irregular, strobe flash pattern similar to those found on emergency vehicles. They have been found to increase the number of vehicles that yield to pedestrians and bicyclists at intersections without signals and at mid-block pedestrian crossings. The lights are installed on each side of the roadway.

More information on the flashing beacons, visit (keyword: beacons).

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