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September 26, 2014
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Wayne Mixdorf, Parking Manager, 402-441-6097

New Pay-by-Phone System for Parking Meters Gives Drivers More Flexibility

About 1,500 people have now used the new option to pay for parking at meters by phone. City Parking Services recently implemented the PassportParking service at 2,400 meters downtown and in the Haymarket.

"Paying by mobile phone provides drivers with a whole new level of convenience and flexibility when it comes to paying for parking," said Wayne Mixdorf, City Parking Manager. "With this service, customers no longer have to worry about having enough change for parking or running back to a meter to add more time."

New decals on the meters explain how to use the system. Smart phone users can download the PassportParking app for iOS or Android devices or register online at Those with flip phones can register by calling the local phone number on the decals and then purchase time through text message.

The meters will not display the time remaining, but parking enforcement officers can view payments through a wireless handheld device. The system sends a notification about 10 minutes before a parking session is about to expire. Mixdorf said businesses can use the new service to validate and discount customer parking.

The system was provided to the City at no charge. PassportParking adds a 25-cent fee to the parking rate for each parking session. The City and PassportParking each receive a portion of that fee.

Passport is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently operates in over 100 municipalities, universities and private parking operators nationwide. More information is available at

More information on City Parking Services is available at

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