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July 22, 2014
For More Information Contact:
Steve Beal, Animal Control Division Manager, 402-441-8080

Residents Encouraged to Protect Pets From Heat

With high temperatures and humidity forecasted for the next few days, the public is reminded to stay alert to the dangers of leaving dogs and other pets in a vehicle or without proper shade and fresh water.

The Animal Control Division of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department warns that temperatures in vehicles will exceed outside temperatures and reach dangerous levels in a short period of time. The best plan is to leave your pets home or someplace cool rather than taking them in a vehicle. Never leave a dog unattended in a car or without shade and fresh water on hot days.

Dogs can only cool down by panting, which is much less efficient than sweating. If you must travel with a dog during hot weather, always make sure they have access to fresh, cool water, shade (no direct sunlight) and air conditioning.

Warning signs for an overheated pet:

Animals with flat faces are more susceptible to heat stroke since they can't pant effectively.

For more hot weather safety tips and to watch a heat video titled "Too Hot for Spot," visit (keyword: animal control). The public also can call Animal Control at 402-441-7900.

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