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May 20, 2014
For More Information Contact:
Melinda Jones, City Treasurer, 402-441-8304
Jeff Kirkpatrick, Assistant City Attorney, 402-441-6875

City to Administer Alarm Registration Program

Beginning Monday June 2, the City of Lincoln will administer the registration and billing for its alarm registration program. Since the program was adopted in the summer of 2010, much of the administration had been performed by the Public Safety Corporation, a Maryland company. With the company's four-year contract expiring soon, the City will take over the program's billing and registration duties. City Treasurer Melinda Jones said the goal of the change is to streamline the process, increase efficiency and allow for more direct customer service.

The alarm registration program was created to reduce the expense of having the Lincoln Police Department respond to false alarms. The City ordinance requires that every residence and business with a monitored security system must register and pay an annual fee. An additional fee is charged to any alarm user who has more than three false alarms in a year. In 2012, the City amended the ordinance to include fire alarm systems.

The City has seen the number of false alarms cut in half since the enhanced penalties for repeated false alarms was adopted.

To make the transition easier, the Public Safety Corporation has stopped sending out billing and false alarm notices. The City plans to have a new registration website operational by the first week of June and will then begin sending out notices.

Those with questions about alarm registration or fees can contact the City Treasurer's Office at or 402-441-5661.

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