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October 22, 2008
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Mayor Chris Beutler has announced that Lincoln-Lancaster County Personnel Director Don Taute will return to the City Attorney’s Office. Taute worked in the City Attorney’s Office from 1984 to 2003, when he was appointed Personnel Director.

City Attorney John Hendry said he asked the Mayor to make the change because he was concerned about the loss of experience in his department following a recent retirement and a pending resignation.

“This move will help strengthen our law department, which plays an extremely crucial role in City government,” said Beutler. “Don has proven himself to be an excellent administrator and negotiator. His outstanding work on the firefighters contract is just one example. I want to thank him for his willingness to serve where his skills are most needed at this time.”

Beutler said Taute would remain as Personnel Director until the pending firefighter contract issue is resolved. The Mayor also said that Taute would remain part of the City’s negotiating team on labor contracts. Plans for appointment of a new Personnel Director will be announced at a later time. An appointment will require approval of the City Council and County Board.

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