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September 17, 2008
For More Information Contact:
Randy Hoskins, Public Works and Utilities Dept., 441-7711
Kris Humphrey, Public Works and Utilities Dept., 441-7592


The bridge on Holdrege Street near 18th Street was closed today until further notice because of safety concerns. A detailed inspection of the bridge in nearing completion, but officials say initial findings have caused “sufficient uncertainty” in the ability of the bridge to safely handle current traffic loads.

The bridge will remain open to pedestrians and bicycles. Motorists are encouraged to use Vine Street or other alternative routes.

The bridge was built in 1936. It has been inspected every two years, and the last inspection was in December 2007. The last repairs were done in 1980. Last night, the City placed cones to prevent traffic on the southern side of the bridge.

Traffic volume on the bridge was 5,200 vehicles per day in 2007. Volume has dropped from 17,300 vehicles per day due to the Antelope Valley Project and the closure of Holdrege west of 17th Street.

Public Works and Utilities Director Greg MacLean said the bridge is eligible for federal replacement funds, but the availability of those funds is uncertain.

The inspection now under way is separate from a study Olsson Associates is conducting on the future of the bridge.

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