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August 13, 2008
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Mayor Chris Beutler issued the following statement about this morning’s City Council votes on changes to the City budget:

“With today’s Council actions, the 2008-2009 budget is nearly complete. It’s a budget of which Lincoln residents can be proud. It reflects a community-wide spirit of cooperation and City Hall’s commitment to new ways of doing business, while still protecting Lincoln’s quality of life. City government has embraced a new dedication to budgeting for measurable results, rather than fighting to protect turf. We’ve reorganized and found the efficiencies that allowed us to cut 115 jobs in a little over a year, making City government smaller and more efficient.
“The public was involved early on as part of our Priority Lincoln process. Citizen input continued, and the budget adopted reflects their priorities. My administration and the Council worked together to find compromises. We maintained StarTran service and library hours and kept our swimming pools open. I look forward to continued cooperation with Council as we finalize the Fast Forward Economic Development Trust Fund and the Homeowner Stimulus package. I congratulate and thank my City Council colleagues on a job well done.”

A summary of the Council’s votes will be posted on the City Web site,, later today.

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