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May 19, 2008
For More Information Contact:
Bill Kostner, Risk Manager, 441-6009
Bob Nemecek, Safety and Training Coordinator, 441-6010


The City of Lincoln recently received two awards in recognition of its outstanding workplace safety program:

  • The City received an “Award of Honor with Distinction” from the National Safety Council, Greater Omaha Chapter May 15. The award was presented for outstanding occupational health program results and achievement for 10 consecutive years. The presentation was made at the Safety Council’s Safety and Health Summit in Omaha.
  • The City received a 2007 Peak Performance Award at the Nebraska Safety Council Conference and Exposition in Lincoln April 10. The award was presented in recognition of the City’s outstanding record in the areas of injury prevention and safety policies and practices.

“Safety is a win-win solution,” said Bill Kostner, Risk Manager for the City of Lincoln. “It results in safe and healthy employees, who come to work and go home daily without being injured. They know their employer cares about their welfare and are therefore more productive. Everyone wins when you have a safe workplace.”

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