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May 15, 2008
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Mayor Chris Beutler today released a road design task force report that recommends the City consider simplified and less costly designs for some road projects in order to stretch available funds. The Mayor created the technical task force on road design standards late last year to look at the City’s current standards and propose changes.

“One of the most important functions of City government is to provide a safe and efficient system of streets and roads,” said Mayor Beutler. “I charged this task force with looking at how we can use our road dollars more efficiently, while maintaining the quality and safety of our system. I am pleased to accept and endorse this report, and I thank the task force members for their hard work. They did a tremendous job in addressing many road design and construction issues taking into account the critical shortage of funds needed to build roads in our community.”

The task force included City staff and community members with expertise in development, road construction, engineering and planning. A complete list of members is in the final report, available on the City Web site at

City Public Works and Utilities Director Greg MacLean was a member of the task force. He said some roads planned to be four lanes may need to be phased in. The task force also recommended the City continue to aggressively pursue new revenue sources for road construction. “Safety was a top priority for the task force,” said MacLean. “We concluded that in some cases, changes may cause driver inconvenience or increased travel time, but they did not decrease safety.”

The task force also recommended:

  • Continuing support for the Rural to Urban Transition Streets or RUTS program.
  • Delaying the construction of turning lanes or storm sewers on some projects in order to build more streets.
  • Striking a balance between construction costs and future maintenance expenses.

“We will now begin implementing the task force recommendations on those projects where they are appropriate and do not compromise safety,” said Beutler. “They will help us reach our goal of building new roads to provide for future growth and new jobs.”

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