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May 12, 2008
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Mayor Chris Beutler today signed an Executive Order that prohibits City Department Directors and Mayoral Aides from contracting with the City. He said the action is part of his effort to make City government more accountable and transparent.

“The Directors and Aides hold positions of authority and influence in my administration,” said the Mayor. “They are valued members of my team, and they are here because I trust their judgment. Nevertheless, I want to avoid even the appearance of impropriety that naturally arises when a high-ranking City officer contracts with the City.”

Beutler thanked members of the Charter Revision Commission for bringing the potential conflict of interest issue to the attention of the community. The Commission asked the City Council to put on the May ballot an amendment that would have prohibited elected officials and Directors from having contracts with the City.

Council Member John Spatz proposed an ethics ordinance that did pass. Beutler has signed the legislation, and he thanked Spatz for his efforts. The Mayor said he also continues to support an effort to put the original charter amendment on the November ballot. “I continue to believe that such a ban is, quite simply, good government,” he said.

No Department Directors of Mayoral Aides have contracts with the City at this time.

Beutler said the Executive Order is a continuation of his efforts to restore the public’s faith in City government. Those efforts include seeking public input on the City budget and services; creating a new City audit committee; and re-establishing a cooperative relationship with the City Council.

“With the help of my dedicated Directors and an energized City workforce, we are changing the culture of City government,” said Beutler.

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