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April 7, 2008
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“Our first piece of the arena financing package is now in place,” said Mayor Chris Beutler after the Nebraska Legislature today passed an arena funding bill and sent it to Governor Heineman for his signature. The bill, LB 912, was sponsored by Lincoln Senator Bill Avery and is expected to “turn back” about $700,000 per year in state sales tax revenues for the proposed arena project.

“The arena project offers us an opportunity to create new jobs and increase our sales tax revenues in ways that ultimately benefit the entire city,” said Beutler. “The question that we, as a community, may need to ask ourselves is not whether we can afford to build an arena, but whether we can afford not to.”

Mayor Beutler said last fall that the voters of Lincoln would ultimately decide whether an arena is built. Beutler said the City will continue gathering information to ensure that when voters go to the polls next spring, a solid financing plan is in place.

“The City of Lincoln is grateful to Senator Avery for his excellent work on LB 912,” Mayor Beutler added. “In my experience, bills of this magnitude take several years to work their way through the legislative process and into law. Senator Avery was essentially able to get it done in one session, and we certainly appreciate his efforts.”

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