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March 4, 2008
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Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Margaret Remmenga, Public Works Business Manager, 441-7550


Mayor Chris Beutler today commended the Public Works and Utilities Department on the completion of a 10-year project to replace 80,000 water meters in the City. The new meters have radio transmitters, which allow them to be read from the street.

“This is another great example of using technology to improve the way the City is doing business,” said Mayor Beutler. “Today, the City does the job with one meter reader in a van equipped with a scanner and computer. Ten years ago, we had four meter readers going door to door, and we would have needed two more by now to cover the entire City.”

Beutler said the automated system leads to fewer mistakes – the error rate has dropped from 4 percent to 1 percent. To test the accuracy of the readings, the department asks customers to read their meters and mail in a card every three years. Because the meter reader does not need to enter private property, the new system also increases security for home and business owners and safety for the City employee.

Margaret Remmenga, Business Manager for the Public Works and Utilities Department, said the City began a $12 million upgrade in 1997 as aging water meters needed replacement. The project was funded by water system user fees.

For more information on the Lincoln Water System, visit the City Web site at (keyword: water).

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