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February 7, 2008
For More Information Contact:
Terry Genrich, Parks and Recreation, 441-7939
Tom Malmstrom, Parks and Recreation, 476-2729


The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department will begin restoring wetland habitat in Wilderness Park in mid-February near the 14th Street and Rokeby Road area of the park.

In 2001, a wetland inventory of the park identified 19 wetlands or wetland areas needing restoration. Six of these wetland areas were identified for this upcoming restoration project. The restoration work, which will include shallow soil excavation and the removal of scrub trees, is scheduled to be completed by April 1.

A committee of representatives from various groups meet several times each year to discuss projects important to Wilderness Park management. Future projects include managing bur oak stands and prairie, wetland restoration and scrub tree removal from former farm land that will be converted to prairie.

Wilderness Park is a 1,475-acre linear park in southwest Lincoln that is owned by Lancaster County and managed by the City of Lincoln. The park’s primary purpose is flood protection, but it also provides a natural area for wildlife and public recreation.

This wetlands restoration project is a cooperative project among the City of Lincoln, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Nebraska Environmental Trust, Lancaster County, Friends of Wilderness Park and the Wachiska Audubon Society.

For more information on the park and ongoing management efforts, call 441-7847, or e-mail

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