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January 17, 2008
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Mayor Chris Beutler will appoint a committee to review impact fees in the City. The committee will look at alternatives to the structure and the distribution of the fees collected.

“My priority has not changed. We must find increased funding for roads for our City to continue to grow,” said Mayor Beutler. “I am always open to looking at new ideas, but I will not accept any alternatives that significantly decrease the total amount of money available for funding roads and other critical infrastructure.”

Impact fees have been collected since 2003 to cover a portion of the cost of providing infrastructure in new developments. The fee was scheduled to increase by 2 percent each year for inflation. The City Council voted 5 to 2 Monday to freeze impact fees at the 2007 level for one year while a study is conducted.

The Mayor said the committee will include representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA), Realtors, home builders and the City. The group will present its consensus recommendations to the MOVE (Mayor’s Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy) Council. This group of community leaders includes representatives from the organizations above as well as the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, the University of Nebraska, Vision 2015, Lincoln Public Schools, neighborhoods and non-profits.

“Impact fees were created to provide a more consistent and fairer way of covering the City’s costs that come with growth,” said Beutler. “They are an important part of our infrastructure financing system. If the committee and the MOVE Council do propose changes, I am confident they will be ones that increase the fairness and effectiveness of that system and do not create further financial pressure on our already inadequate infrastructure financing system.”

Changes to the impact fee structure would require City Council approval.

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