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October 4, 2007
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Captain Jeff Hatcher, 441-8374


Lincoln Fire and Rescue and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) remind residents to practice their escape plans during National Fire Prevention Week, October 7 through 13. The latest NFPA research shows that 3,030 people died in home fires in 2005 - thatís about eight fire deaths every day. But only 23 percent of households have planned and practiced home fire escape plans.

"When we speak to residents who have experienced a fire in their home, many recall becoming confused and disoriented by the conditions and severity of the situation, but they realized they needed to get out fast," said Captain Jeff Hatcher. "Sometimes there are only seconds to escape, but there's no question that having a plan in place and practicing that plan saves precious time and makes survival more likely. We hope that Fire Prevention Week will prompt folks in our community to plan and practice their escape."

Hatcher said a fire escape plan should identify two ways out of each room and establish a family meeting place outside. The plan should allow for any specific needs in the household, and it should be practiced at least twice a year.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue also recommends families install working smoke alarms on every level and inside and outside of each sleeping area. Hatcher said itís a good idea to check if family members awaken to the sound of a smoke alarm. If not, the family should make plans to wake up others. If the smoke alarm sounds, the following actions are recommended:

  • Go to the closest exit.
  • If you run into smoke, turn and use another way out.
  • If you must exit through smoke, get low and go under the smoke to your exit.
  • Donít take time to pick up belongings.
  • Move fast but stay calm.

Fire departments across the country have observed Fire Prevention Week for 85 years, making it the longest running public health and safety observance on record.

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