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September 14, 2007
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Mayor Chris Beutler today announced that the City, Lancaster County and NEBCO have reached a conceptual agreement to provide 1.5 miles of paved road linking two planned schools in north Lincoln. Alvo Road is to be paved from Stonebrook Parkway on the west to North 16th Street on the east by the fall of 2009. Except for one seven-block portion, Alvo Road does not currently exist in that area.

“This area north of Highway 34 and Interstate 80 has seen significant growth in the last few years,” said Mayor Beutler. “With two new schools and a new YMCA scheduled to open in the fall of 2009, providing a safe road became a priority. Alvo Road will literally pave the way for more homes and businesses to be built in this growing area.”

Schoo Middle School and a new YMCA are planned to open near the intersection of Alvo Road and Stonebrook Parkway (approximately N.W. 7th). Lincoln Public Schools owns land near Alvo Road and N. 14th for the future Kooser Elementary School.

Improvements on Alvo Road include the following:

  • N.W. 12th to N. 1st streets (no existing road):  The City and NEBCO, the developer of the Fallbrook subdivision, worked out an annexation agreement in 1999 to pave this section, with the City paying about 44 percent of the cost. To help the City stretch public road dollars, NEBCO has agreed to fund the total paving cost for the section from Stonebrook Parkway to N. 1st. NEBCO will provide about $1.75 million for the project, including grading and design costs. Under the revised agreement, the City will pay part of the design costs. The City also would be responsible for paving Alvo Road from N.W. 12th to Stonebrook Parkway as future development occurs. This agreement will be forwarded to the City Council in October.
  • N. 1st to N. 16th Street (no existing road except for gravel from 7th to 14th streets):  The NEBCO agreement makes City funding available for surfacing this section. Under a proposed agreement with Lancaster County, the County Engineer would fund the design, right-of-way acquisition and grading of Alvo Road between 1st and N. 14th Street, and the City would pay all surfacing costs in 2009. The County would contribute its share of the surfacing funds in 2010. The proposed agreement will be forwarded to the City Council and County Board in October.

“I want to thank NEBCO and County officials for working with the City to have this street ready for traffic when the new schools open,” said Beutler. “This kind of cooperation is very important as we work to serve the rapidly growing areas of our community.”

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