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2007 Media Releases

August 22, 2007
For More Information Contact:
Jerry Shorney, Asst. Director, Park Operations, 441-8259
Lynn Johnson, Parks and Recreation Director, 441-8265


Public trees are those that are in the public rights of way, generally between the sidewalk and the curb. The Community Forestry section will only pick up limbs from these trees. All other trees are the responsibility of the property owner. Residents who have structural damage from a street tree or safety concerns should call the Lincoln Police non-emergency number at 441-6000.

Waste haulers differ on requirements and collection fees for disposal of branches. In general:

  • Large trees and branches (more than four inches in diameter) on private property can be cut up and remove by a licensed tree arborist or taken by the homeowner for disposal. The disposal site, schedule and fees can be found on the City Web site at (keyword: landfill).
  • Smaller trees, brush and branches (under four inches in diameter) from public or private property can be cut into lengths of four-feet or less, secured and left for pickup by refuse haulers. Haulers may charge additional fees for branch collection. Residents also may take branches to the landfill at 5101 North 48th Street with a pickup or small trailer. Yard waste (leaves, grass clipping) cannot be thrown away with regular trash. For information on yard waste disposal, see (keyword: yard waste).

For public trees, Community Forestry staff will leave logs in the right of way next to the sidewalk, and these can be picked up for residents to use as firewood.

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