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August 16, 2007
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Mayor Chris Beutler announced today that the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) Safety Committee has allocated $799,500 in Federal Highway Safety funds for two improvement projects in Lincoln.

Pedestrian countdown crosswalk signals will be installed at about 100 school crossings and 50 other signalized crossings in the City used by many pedestrians and bikers. The new signals have a countdown timer that shows pedestrians how many remaining seconds they have to cross the street. They also use LED lighting, which lasts longer and is more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Once the project is completed, all of Lincolnís pedestrian signals will use LED lighting. The $156,000 in federal funding will provide 80 percent of the estimated $195,000 project cost. The City will fund the remainder with street construction funds. Installation of the signals is scheduled to begin next spring or summer and be completed by fall 2008.

"These signals have been shown to improve safety at busy intersections, and they are especially valuable at school crossings," said Mayor Beutler. "The City recently installed countdown crosswalk signals at 74 downtown locations, and about 15 other intersections now have these new signals."

Scott Opfer, Manager of Traffic Engineering Operations, said much of the cost of the existing countdown signals came from federal funding. As part of its "Call to Action" series, KLKN-TV has worked with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to raise additional funds to install countdown crosswalk signals.

The east ramp of the I-180 intersection with Superior Street will be redesigned to provide three northbound lanes: a left-turn lane; a lane for through and right-turn traffic; and a right-turn-only lane. The $643,500 in federal funding will provide 90 percent of the $715,000 project cost. The NDOR will fund 5 percent and the City will cover 5 percent with street construction funds. Construction is scheduled to begin in late fall 2008 and be completed by spring 2009.

"I want to thank the Nebraska Department of Roads Safety Committee for allocating nearly $800,000 for these important projects," said Mayor Beutler. "These federal funds allow us to stretch our limited street construction funds to make our transportation system safer and more efficient."

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