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May 24, 2007
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Mayor Chris Beutler today announced the establishment of the MOVE (Mayor’s Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy) Council, a group of community leaders who will focus on the City’s economic development policies.

“I promised to make job creation a top priority in my Administration, and this Council is one of the first steps,” said Mayor Beutler. “Its first task is to develop a community-wide consensus on our economic policies, to determine which projects best support those policies and to find the resources to make the projects happen. Our goal of creating an exceptional economy can only happen with a shared vision and a focus on making Lincoln more business-friendly. The political forces within the City must sit down face to face, think creatively together and work out necessary compromises.”

Mayor Beutler plans to appoint about 15 people to the MOVE Council. Members already appointed include:

  • Wendy Birdsall, President, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce (LCOC) and Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development
  • Clint Burge representing labor
  • Rick Carter, Human Services Federation, representing non-profit sector
  • Susan Gourley, Superintendent, Lincoln Public Schools
  • Mark Hesser, Chairman, LCOC
  • Fred Hoppe, representing homebuilders
  • Robert Moline, representing Realtors
  • Ed Swotek, Downtown Lincoln Association
  • Peter Katt, Lincoln Independent Business Association

A representative also will be appointed from the University of Nebraska, the 2015 Visioning Group, neighborhood associations, regional city business associations and possibly other groups.

“Mayor Beutler is providing the leadership needed to help existing businesses thrive and to create the jobs that will keep our children and grandchildren in this community,” said Birdsall. “No sector of our community can do that alone - it requires partnership among government, business, education, neighborhood and non-profit leaders.”

Mayor Beutler said the work of the MOVE Council will include:

  • helping to streamline City rules and regulations on business development;
  • developing strategies for using economic development tools such as tax-increment financing, when appropriate; and
  • communicating to the public the need for public investment in the form of bond issues.

Beutler said the MOVE Council will meet for the first time in the next few weeks.

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