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May 16, 2007
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Mayor Chris Beutler today announced four appointments to his staff and Administration. "I promised to bring leadership and change to the Office of Mayor. Todayís appointments are representative of both," he said. "The people I have appointed will be agents of change for the policies of a new Administration. I am confident that they are the right people to bring new perspective to City Hall."

Beutler is appointing David Landis to be Director of the Urban Development Department, effective June 1. Landis is a former State Senator and currently serves as an Assistant Professor and Lecturer for the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He has a law degree and a masterís degree in both Public Administration and Community and Regional Planning.

"Dave Landis has spent his career working on the issues he will face as Director of Urban Development," said Beutler. "He has a long record of working on community and economic development issues. Urban Development is at the forefront of urban renewal, economic development and the Antelope Valley project, and I cannot think of a better leader to ensure our goals are met in these areas. I want thank Marc Wullschleger, the current Director, for his leadership the last eight years. He has provided crucial direction for many projects, and our community owes him our gratitude."

Mayor Beutler also has appointed three new people to serve as his Mayoral Aides:

  • Trish Owen is the current Public Policy Coordinator for the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. She is a former Chief Deputy County Clerk and was the Republican nominee for Lancaster County Clerk in the 2006 election. Owen has a masterís degree in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska - Omaha. She will join the Mayorís staff May 24th.

    "I have promised to work closely with the business community, and as a staff member at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Trish Owen will be well placed to bring us together," said Beutler. "She has demonstrated outstanding managerial and leadership expertise both inside and outside of government. I am counting on Trishís leadership to get City government and the private sector working together on economic development."

  • Rick Hoppe has served as a Legislative Aide to two Nebraska State Senators, worked in Lincoln City Government as a Mayoral Aide and founded a private sector consulting firm, now known as Alchemy Associates. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a degree in Political Science. Hoppe will assume his duties immediately.

    "The City is dependent on a strong legislative agenda, and Rick was instrumental in Lincolnís success in the 2006 legislative session," said Beutler. "He brings organizational and management skills, experience with City government issues and an understanding of the City budget. Rickís knowledge of City government will be important to my restructuring efforts."

  • Denise Pearce is currently Legal Counsel to the Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature, Senator Mike Flood of Norfolk, and was an Aide to Mayor Beutler during his time in the Legislature. She has a law degree from the University of South Dakota School of Law. Pearce will join the Beutler Administration June 20th.

    "Deniseís work in the Legislature was instrumental to my success in that body, helping to obtain more roads money for the City of Lincoln, reorganize government and strengthen State campaign finance and disclosure laws. I look forward to her efforts on behalf of the City," Beutler said.

Current Mayoral staff Mark Bowen and Ann Harrell will continue to serve on the Mayorís staff through the transition.

"I am grateful to Mark and Ann for their tremendous contributions to Lincoln," said Beutler. "Their help throughout the transition will be invaluable to maintaining a smooth running operation. Our community is fortunate to have had the service of such dedicated and talented individuals. I am confident that they will continue their successes in their new endeavors."

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