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May 10, 2007
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Mayor Coleen J. Seng was joined today by members of the Mayor’s Water Conservation Task Force (WCTF) in dedicating the “waterwise” landscape exhibit garden at the Lincoln Water System (LWS) to the citizens of Lincoln. The garden, located at 2021 N. 27th St., is open to the public.

“This garden provides a great example of how homeowners and businesses can help conserve water by planting drought-tolerant plants without compromising the beauty of their landscape,” said Mayor Seng. “These plants will continue to bloom and grow with limited watering and will go into survival mode in times of severe drought.”

The WCTF has produced a brochure listing plant materials that require less water and can handle drought much better than other plants. The waterwise exhibit garden contains a variety of plants included in the brochure and several others installed on a trial basis. A complete listing can be found on the WCTF section of the City Web site at (keyword: conserve).

The WCTF began the process of creating the waterwise garden in 2000. The project was supported financially by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and in-kind donations. Volunteer task force members and LWS staff have worked together since 2000 to enhance and maintain the garden. In early 2007, the WCTF voted to join the Mayor in formally dedicating the garden to the citizens of Lincoln.

“The garden was created for the citizens of Lincoln to view landscape choices that conserve water,” said. Karen Burchard, Chair of the WCTF. “The garden not only beautifies the Lincoln Water System grounds, it also serves as an educational ‘teaching garden.’ We invite the citizens of Lincoln to explore the waterwise garden and indulge in the simplistic beauty of native and non-native prairie plants. May you be inspired to plant your own water-saving garden and join other citizens in cultivating and promoting water conservation.”

The WCTF was created in 1988 and works with LWS to encourage all citizens of Lincoln to conserve water.

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