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January 9, 2007
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Dallas McGee, Urban Development, 441-7857


The City of Lincoln will issue an invitation for redevelopment proposals this week seeking a private sector partner to build above a new parking garage at 14th and “Q” streets, Mayor Coleen J. Seng announced Tuesday.

The invitation for redevelopment proposals is for the site now occupied by the Star Ship 9 theater, Wasabi restaurant and Taste of China restaurant, Seng said. The City of Lincoln owns the theater and the Wasabi location. The owners of Taste of China have agreed to sell the property to Monte Froelich, who has agreed to sell the property to the successful developer selected through the competitive process to build above the garage. The City of Lincoln will pay Froelich $430,000. The developer selected by the City must agree to pay Froelich an additional $300,000.

“This is an exciting opportunity for new public and private investment in the heart of downtown Lincoln,” Seng said. “This project is a key component in the Downtown Master Plan and will be a catalyst for economic development in the central business district.”

The garage will be financed by the City’s Parking Enterprise Fund. The garage is expected to have about 600 parking stalls. The invitation for redevelopment proposals seeks to attract a privately owned tower above the garage. Proposals will be due this spring and should be submitted to the Urban Development Department. Mayor Seng will make the final selection.

The invitation for redevelopment proposals also seeks proposals for new privately owned buildings to line the north and east sides of a future public plaza at the corner of 13th and “P” streets. These new buildings are intended to provide opportunities for retail, office or residential activity to enliven and beautify the plaza. The plaza and its adjacent buildings will be on the site previously occupied by the Douglas 3 Theater, which was acquired by the City last year and since removed.

Prospective developers may submit proposals for above the garage site, for one or both liner buildings, or for both, Seng said. As a result, the City has the option to select one developer for the entire complex or more than one developer, depending on what is received. Invitations for redevelopments proposals are issued in accordance with the Community Development Act. For more information, contact Dallas McGee at 441-7857.

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