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2005 Media Releases

September 7, 2005
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Doug Ahlberg, Lanc. Co. Emergency Management, 441-7442
Steve Van Hoosen, Lincoln Fire and Rescue, 441-8396

City On "Standby" Status For Hurricane Evacuees

Mayor Coleen J. Seng said State of Nebraska officials notified Lincoln today that the City will be on “standby” for the arrival of evacuees displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The City will continue to be prepared to provide services as needed.

“It now appears less likely that the federal government will send large numbers of evacuees to Lincoln, but we will remain prepared until notified differently,” said Mayor Seng. “The human service agencies are prepared to provide services to evacuees if they arrive in our community.”

Doug Ahlberg, Director of Lancaster County Emergency Management, is leading the local preparations for potential evacuees and coordinating efforts with the local chapter of the American Red Cross. St. Mark’s United Methodist Church at 8550 Pioneers Boulevard has been designated as the reception site for evacuees, and cots and supplies are set up there until further notice.

Those with questions about local relief efforts can call Emergency Management at 441-7400, 441-7401 or 441-7402. Those evacuees who have come to Lincoln on their own are asked to call those numbers or 1-800-621 FEMA. Information also is available on the City Web site,; the State Web site at; or the Federal Emergency Management Agency Web site at

Mayor Seng thanked members of the Urban Search and Rescue Team based in Lincoln who returned yesterday from the hurricane area. Individual members of the team are being deployed as needed.

Cash donations continue to be needed. Mayor Seng cautioned those wanting to donate to the hurricane relief efforts to make sure their contributions are going to reputable relief agencies. Information on ways to donate to or assist in relief efforts is available at the City, State and FEMA Web sites.

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