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2005 Media Releases

September 2, 2005

Statement From Mayor Coleen J. Seng On Lincoln's Role In The Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

Thank you for joining us to discuss Lincolnís response to the events continuing to unfold in the Gulf states.

Never in our nationís history have we seen such wide spread devastation and destruction. Our hearts are breaking at what we have seen. Like most Americans, Lincoln residents want to step forward and do what we can to help. I want to let you know what we have been doing.

The Peoples City Mission has made an offer to accept families in Lincoln who have lost their homes to the hurricane. We do not know right now whether that offer will be accepted. We are awaiting more information. We hope to know soon.

While we are waiting, we are not idle. Public and private agencies whose services might be needed to help families arriving in Lincoln have begun meeting to plan for that possibility.

Lincoln has a long tradition of successfully re-settling refugees from around the world. We are perfectly capable of doing the same for people from our own country. Our arms are open.

The group that has begun meeting is considering all the needs that might have to be met and exploring what resources would be required to meet those needs. We have discussed everything from housing and food to health and education. We want to be sure we are ready.

I am thrilled at the number of citizens who have contacted my office to ask how they can help. It is such a reminder of how much Lincoln residents value our own community and appreciate how great a loss our fellow Americans have suffered.

The best way to help right now is to give money to reputable, established relief organizations. A list has been provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and can be found on their Web site at If you want to give, please consider these organizations.

In the event that Lincoln does become a host city for displaced families, more information will become available about how you can help make them comfortable here.

I am proud of our great city and the wonderful people who live throughout Lancaster County. I want to thank those whoíve already done so much for the people who have lost so much. We send our heart-felt prayers to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Whatever we can do to help will make a difference.

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