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2005 Media Releases

September 1, 2005
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"Future Service Limits" To Be Reviewed At Planning Commission Open House

Citizens of Lincoln and Lancaster County will have the opportunity to join Mayor Coleen Seng and City-County department representatives at a City-County Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Open House from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 7 at the Auld Recreation Center in Antelope Park, 31st and “A” streets. The open house is sponsored by the City-County Planning Commission as part of the update to the City-County Comprehensive Plan and LRTP.

The purpose of the open house is to review three “Year 2030 Future Service Limit” (FSL) boundaries proposed for the City of Lincoln. The FSL is used to plan the future delivery of City services. It defines the general physical limits of where water, sanitary sewer, urban streets, schools, libraries, police and other community services would be available in the year 2030. The FSL serves as the long-term geographic boundary for the programming of capital improvements by the City and other agencies involved in providing urban-style services. The draft Year 2030 FSL will form the basis for updating the Comp Plan/LRTP – a process that will take about 18 months and run through 2006.

The open house will begin at 5 p.m. with a presentation of the three FSL proposals. Mayor Seng will begin the session with brief remarks about the Comprehensive Plan/LRTP planning process. The Mayor’s remarks will be followed by a City-County Planning Department presentation on the three FSL proposals, including a summary of the benefits and liabilities of each alternative. Following the presentation, department representatives will be available in an informal format to answer questions and to receive public comments. There will be no formal public hearing on the proposals as part of this open house.

Staff representatives from several departments and divisions – including Planning, Lincoln Water System, Wastewater and Traffic – will be available to meet with the public at the open house.

The City-County Planning Commission will follow-up the open house with a formal public hearing on the FSL proposals during their regular meeting at 1 p.m. Wednesday, September 28 in the Council chambers, County-City Building, 555 S. 10th St.

The public is encouraged to attend this hearing and provide the Planning Commission with their ideas and feedback of the proposed FSLs.

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan/LRTP 2030 Update, visit the City Web site at and click on the Planning Department link.

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