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2005 Media Releases

August 4, 2005
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Mayor Seng's Statement On Pfizer

“I am very disappointed to hear the announcement by Pfizer today about its corporate decision to relocate a portion of the pharmaceutical manufacturing division. Businesses in Lincoln have added more than 1,300 jobs this year, but my heart always goes out to those employees who face a job loss. The workforce rapid response team will contact Pfizer to assist the employees being affected. With other companies in Lincoln expanding, I think there are opportunities for these employees. I am disappointed that the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED) and the State were not even given any chance to try to retain the jobs.

“I have appealed to Pfizer officials and asked them to reconsider this abrupt announcement, but they have indicated that there was no offer that could have changed their mind. I told them that when Lincoln is given the chance to compete, LPED makes a convincing case to add or keep jobs.

“It is good that Pfizer announced plans to establish Lincoln as the primary place to manufacture animal vaccines and will remain a large employer, with a workforce of about 500 and a new $50- million investment. As Pfizer completes its new $50-million plant, I will work with LPED co-chair Frank Hilsabeck to have the community’s economic development team work with Pfizer and its new veterinary medicine biological plant as a top priority, with the goal that its success may lead to future job additions.”

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