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2005 Media Releases

July 14, 2005
For More Information Contact:
Steve Schwab, Parks and Recreation, 441-7030

Plants Between Curb And Sidewalk Must Be Less Than 30 Inches Tall

The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department reminds residents that according to City ordinance, plantings between the curb and the sidewalk must be less than 30 inches in height. This space is public right of way, but property owners may landscape within the area. To maintain safety, it is important that plants in the space not restrict visibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

In 2003, regulations regarding the types of plants that can be planted and maintained in the “sidewalk space” was broadened to allow turf, shrubs, annual and perennial flowering plants, ornamental grasses and vegetable plants.

“The City Council adopted a change in response to the growing number of people maintaining landscape plants in the street right of way,” said Lynn Johnson, Lincoln Parks and Recreation Director. “In addition to limiting the height of the plants to 30 inches, the plants may not extend over the edge of the curb or sidewalk.” In areas without sidewalks, plants within 12 feet of the curb must not exceed 30 inches in height.

Those violating the height regulations may receive a notice from the City to trim the plants. If no action is taken, the property owner may be assessed for the cost of having the plants trimmed or removed.

A permit is not required to plant turf or ornamental landscape plants in the sidewalk space, but Johnson said residents should take the height limitation into consideration when selecting plants. A no-cost permit for planting a street tree can be obtained by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at 441-7035.

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